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Project Overview

iLEAD is a research project funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada to help develop inclusive workplaces. The goals of this project are:

  1. to understand the leadership, organizational, and group behaviours and policies that support an inclusive workplace.

  2. to develop and validate leadership and group inclusion interventions to foster an inclusive workplace by improving perceptions of female leaders and create a more inclusive gender equitable culture at work.

  3. to identify self-care behaviours that can improve leader health and wellbeing


There are 2 phases to the project:

PHASE I: We will conduct qualitative focus groups and interviews to identify the individual, group, and organizational resources that support success and foster inclusive and effective work cultures, as well as organizational best practices, and the organizational constraints that create challenges for successful female leaders.

PHASE II: We will create and conduct a tailored program that develops and supports female leaders, while developing work teams to foster a supportive and inclusive culture.

What will participants be asked to do?

Phase I: Participants will participate in either an individual interview or a focus group via Zoom that will take approximately one hour. There will be separate focus groups for leaders and for staff.  Questions in the interview and focus group will be adapted to whether you are a leader or staff member.

Phase II: Participants will participate in one of three training programs. There will be separate programs for leaders and for staff.  The programs will involve a training workshop as well as phone- and web-based coaching.

Recruitment for Phase 1: Interviews and Focus Groups

We are currently seeking employees (both leaders and staff) to participate in either a focus group or interview via Zoom about the leader and team behaviours and organizational culture and practices that can support or inhibit women in leadership roles and foster equity and inclusion at work, as well as the self-care behaviours of leaders.