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Safe, Healthy, and Productive Workplaces: Learning from Research and Practice - 2017
The Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability hosted a highly successful Healthy Workplace Conference at UBC in Vancouver, which was live streamed to many participants across the country. The CN Centre for Occupational Health and Safety is proud to have been a partner of this event, which attracted researchers and practitioners from across Canada, the US, and the UK.


Various experts talked about:

  • Addressing workplace stressors contributing to poor health, decreased productivity, and prolonged work absence

  • Creating healthy workers and workplaces through EMPOWER

  • Improving workplace culture and ​resilience

  • Building better outcomes for the return to work conversation for healthcare providers and employers

  • Avoiding work loss from musculoskeletal problems ​

  • Accommodating employees with nonvisible disabilities in the workplace

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