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CN Centre Board of Directors


Dr. Arla Day (Director)

Full Professor & former Canada Research Chair in I/O Psychology

Research focus: Occupational stress, strain, burnout, employee well-being and health, and work-family balance


Dr. Mark Fleming

Full Professor

Research focus: Safety culture/climate, safety leadership, and behaviour modification

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Dr. Firat Sayin

Assistant Professor

Research focus: Inequalities in and around organizations. He is also interested in occupational health and safety issues.

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Dr. Adam Sarty

Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research

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Dr. John Fiset

Assistant Professor, Management

Research Focus: How leaders influence intragroup workplace dynamics, multilingualism at work, and experiential management education


Dr. Lori Francis

Full Professor & Acting Dean of Science

Research focus: Workplace stress, aggression and incivility, and safety leadership

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Dr. Feng Lui

Associate Professor, Management

Research Focus: board team and top management team strategizing activities and emotion in organizations.

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Brianna Cregan

Student Representative

CN Centre Members


Dr. Kevin Kelloway

Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology

Research focus: Workplace stress, violence, safety, and leadership


Audrey Kruisselbrink

Research focus: Safety and Healthcare workers


Dr. Debra Gilin

Research focus: Workplace conflict and negotiation, and aggression, bullying, incivility and stress in the workplace


Dr. Camilla Holmvall

Research focus: Aggression, customer incivility, and injustice in the workplace

CN Centre Student Members

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Nikita Agnihotri

PhD Student in I/O Psychology

Research focus: Female Leadership, Selection and Assessment and Inclusive Leadership


Rachael Jones-Chick

PhD Student in I/O Psychology

Research focus: Creativity and innovation in the workplace, leadership, and training & development


Isaiah Hipel

PhD Candidate in I/O Psychology

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Jacqueline Shaw

Masters Student  in I/O Psychology


Vanessa Myers

PhD Student in I/O Psychology

Research focus: Leading healthy workplaces, sleep deprivation in the workplace, and emotional labour


Lanxi Wang

PhD Candidate in I/O Psychology

In Memoriam


Blair John, PhD

Blair's research focus was leadership assessment and development, impression management , diversity in the workplace, and mental health

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