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Gilin Oore, D., Leiter, M. P., & LeBlanc, D. E. (2015). Individual and organizational factors promoting successful responses to workplace conflict. Canadian Psychology, 56(3), 301-310. 


Work conflict is an inherent negative yet unavoidable experience. However, this research proposes that conflict can bring about positive long-term outcomes by creating a platform for personal connection and problem solving. Thus, the authors propose several factors that might promote positive outcomes to conflict. 



The authors synthesize research from organisational, family, social and personality psychology to identify individual and organisational intervention factors that support positive conflict responses. 



The authors identified flexibility to perspective take, concern for both parties involved, emotion control and management, and person-conflict fit as individual characteristics that promote positive conflict responses. Similarly, the authors identified conflict resolution training, work group conflict intervention, and mediation. 



It appears that most of the individual factors involve minimal natural ability and appear to be trainable. Workplace conflict interventions have had success; however, publication of such studies have been limited thus far. There may be opportunity to create a forum to collect experience relating to the implementation of conflict resolution interventions. 

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