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Samantha Penney, PhD

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Year graduated: 2019 (PhD); 2015 (MSc)

Supervisor: Dr. Arla Day

Dissertation: Fostering a Psychologically Healthy Workplace through Leadership

Key take-home messages from your dissertation: 

  • I developed and validated a scale consisting of specific, tangible leadership behaviours that contribute to a healthy workplace

  • I developed a multi-module training program to train such behaviours

  • I demonstrated that we can train some healthy workplace leadership behaviours

  • I extended previous models of healthy workplaces and focused on training leadership behaviours

What have you been doing since you graduated?

I work as a Consultant in in Talent and Leadership Development at LHH Knightsbridge, with an emphasis on Assessments and Succession Planning for the purposes of selection, development, and succession.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Receiving the 2019 Kenneth E. Clarke Research Award from the International Leadership Association and the Centre for Creative Leadership for my dissertation.

What type of projects are you working on?

Helping leaders understand their strengths and creating developmental opportunities and supports for the next pivotal steps in their career.

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