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Fleming, M., & Wentzell, N. (2007). Patient safety culture improvement tool: development and guidelines for use. Healthcare Quarterly, 11(3), 10-15.



The Patient safety culture improvement tool (PSCIT) was developed in order to assist healthcare organizations in improving their patient safety culture. The authors discuss the development process and guidelines for using the tool.


The PSCIT tool and patient safety indicators were was developed using safety culture maturity models and through reviewing the literature on patient safety culture perceptions and current guidelines on safety culture improvement. The validity of the PSCIT was assessed using subject matter experts in patient safety culture.



Subject matter experts commented on the usability of the tool and suggested improvement. Interviews suggested that the PSCIT covered all important elements and dimensions of patient safety culture. 



Given that healthcare organizations are facing challenged when it comes to promoting patient safety, this tool will assist organization in improving their patient safety culture. The tool has only been recently developed therefore limited reliability and validity data exists, thus the tool should be used with caution.

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