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Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Is a psychologically healthy worker more productive?  


Employees: A psychologically healthy workplace can increase your job satisfaction, morale, physical and mental health.  


Employers: Psychologically healthy workplace initiatives have been found to benefit organizations such through improved quality, performance and productivity, reduced absenteeism, fewer accidents, lowered healthcare costs, and improved customer service and satisfaction.  


What is a psychologically healthy workplace? Psychologically healthy workplaces are generally defined as organizations that incorporate practices, programs, policies, or work designs that promote employee health and well-being, while also reducing employee stress and negative health. The establishment of psychologically healthy workplace initiatives leads to healthier more productive workforce, which translates into increased productivity and competitive advantage for the organization. Leaders play an important role in the development and implementation of psychologically healthy workplaces. For instance, psychologically healthy workplaces can be created when leaders engage employees in involvement, growth and development, recognition, health and safety and teamwork initiatives. In addition, both leaders and employees play an important role in the facilitation of psychologically healthy workplace initiatives. For instance, leaders can communicate their support of psychologically healthy workplace initiatives implemented. Similarly, employees can act as projects champions by increasing awareness of the programs (e.g., host events), and promoting positive/successful outcomes (e.g., post on bulletin boards).  

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