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Kelloway, E. K., Weigand, H., McKee, M. C., & Das, H. (2013). Positive leadership and employee well-being. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 20(1), 107-117. 


With the developments of positive psychology, this research expands on previous research on transformational leadership and negative leadership by creating a scale of positive leadership that measures behaviours associated with positive outcomes above and beyond transformational leadership. 



In the first study, 508 employees were questioned (through questionnaire) on positive leadership (created from focus groups), transformational leadership, mental health measures. The study two expanded on the one using a repeated measures design that had 6 measurements over 3 weeks. 



Positive leadership was shown to predict positive outcomes above and beyond transformational leadership 



Given that the positive leadership scale appears to be more readily understood and accessible by the general public, this research shows promise for positive leadership interventions. 

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